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People - Designing - Building - Financing - Our mindset


A vision of the possible
It is all about people
This is about creating stability in the process of change. This is about the people who populate our urban and non-urban environments. This is about our collective future.
This is about creating opportunities.
This is about finding out what we have in common.
This is about individuals making a difference and showing others how they can too.
This is about creating our sustainable future.
This is about creating the stories that are 
the story.
Net zero carbon - Communities
Proposed - Low impact sustainable urban communities Nett zero carbon developments
Green MashUP: the rise of biophilic cities
By Leon Gettler 8 July 2014 — In recent years, we have seen a movement towards biophilic cities – ones that incorporate nature into urban design. It is a form of green urbanism where residents see and experience nature in the normal course of work and play, everything from treetop lichen to ecosystems that define the city and give it that distinctive feel.
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